Sunday, April 15, 2007

Indian Kitchen-traditional way to select and store wheat for the whole year.

Something nice to share with you all.

I still remember those days when I was a child I used to see this whole process, by sitting at a side :) .

Mostly in the month of April every year , at my mom's place,Mom used to order good brand of wheat delivered at home.
To select good brand of wheat from stores , then order it, and afterwards get it plucked and finally make provision of storing it in such a way so that no way it get spoiled throughout the year.

Other major aspect of this tradition is to store it in a big, airtight containers.
I always find it much time taking and also after I get married I never did this kind of things.
But I always admire this system. This is the tradition due to which our parents and grand parents have spent and are spending a healthy life. This is the reason behind our healthy childhood and normal
day to day life.

Sometimes somethings become so common in our life that we rarely value them until it disappeares from our life.
The same life much of us around here on blogs spending now, right?
Just to get packed flours and cook it acoordingly. I also do the same at my home after my marriage. Fast life, fast cooking and fast weight increasing too ! :))
Fortunately, this time being at mom's place I got to click Mom's hands on these lovely moments and was gladly a part of all of this. I never even before my marriage even I was a part of such process, as always I was busy studying while I was at home, then I went to hostel for engineering , afterwards was doing job outside my home town, so this was something I knew uptil now,not something I did.
This is a first chance when Iwas an active part of the whole traditional process of plucking carefully stones and other items from Wheat.Then finally get it oiled well,mixing and storing it.
It really reminds me of secret of healthy life our my parents, grand ma-grand pa and great grand parents.

May be some day we will show this to our fast food lover niece-nephew or children and they might get a chance to see the tradition of India. Thought to blog about this to save this tradition of us with great pride and hight respects for those who did so much just to bring up their child with high nutritions and right food. :) Hats off to them !

( P.S-Forests of Junagadh soon to appear in next post here. Stay tuned and have happy days ahead. :) )


Asha said...

Great pics!
I have to drive several miles just to get atta.These pics are wonderful to see at least.Don't worry,NJ is like mini India.Unlike where I live,you will be okay there!:))

Indira said...

Thanks for sending this post to Indian Kitchen series, Pooja.

trupti said...


oh yes, I remember these days back in India...maney pela ghau nu naam bahu gamyu "shahenshah sharbati gehun"...haha...
Mammi na gharey bahu majaa avti hase taney atyare! Have fun.


anusharaji said...

thats beautiful
i remember my aunt taking good care of grains every year

Vcuisine said...

This is quite interesting post Pooja. Nice pictures. Viji

musical said...

What a lovely write up Pooja-reminds me of my days back and traditions really are related more deeply than we think :).

sra said...

very nice post, Pooja!

USHA said...

Hi Pooja,
Thats a wonderful post on traditional food.

Gagan Bassi said...

This post just remind me of my old days in home( Punjab). there used to be big drums for storing the wheat and by chance our home used to get flooded with wheat sacks, and all members used to help each other to clear up the mess.

Coffee said...

Mummy na ghare thi badhi yaad layi ne jaye che :)

You will miss this all over there :) Have as much of fun as possible now :)

sunita said...

Very informative post pooja...

Richa said...

what a beautiful post pooja.
these traditions are so beautiful, and you put it so well.


Roopa said...

pooja, that was really a good overview. Beautifull pictures reminds me of days at my aunts and grandparents place.

swapna said...

Hi pooja
nice one.Actually at our place we used to buy rice as u people buy wheat.We used to help our mother in cleaning up and all..

I am remembering those days..

Pooja said...

thanks. Even wehn i was here in pune, i used to drive a little to get atta. :)) .
as for now ,just want to be there with hubby, may it be like india ot not :).
This blog feels great to find your words around here. :) . thanks fro dropping by here. i love it when you said - " If we don't talk, wirte, photograph our traditions, who will?" . so truely said. thanks for your email too. :)
I knew, you will notice this name and love it. Seems like i am knowing you better now. thanks for your nice words. mummy ni pase maja to bahu j aave chhe, pan D pan bahu yaad aave chhe :P . mayajaal chhe aa sansaar :)) .
hope you and kids will be Ok now. Do take care dear.
thanks. purpose of showing this is just to bring indian tradition to notice .
Thanks for your lovely response. hope you will be doing good there.
Yes, you are true, these are more deeply rooted in usthan we think of. just by being away from it is not sufficietn to keep it away from our heart.
thanks buddy! hows life in NJ going on ? :)
Welcome to my blog.
nice to get one punjabi blogger here.thanks for dropping by here.
I know, i will miss all these, more than all these , i will miss mom and dad too much :(, shu thay have, atyare D yaad aave chhe ne atyar thi e pan khabar chhe ke pachhi mom-dad bahu yaad aavse.
i have become a lazy bum here , not doing anything and just enjoying mom's food. :)

Pooja said...

A warm welcome to my blog word.i am glad to find you here. thanks fro you encouraging words here. Stay tuned.
thanks fro appreciating it. it felt it worth posting here, so just post it as soon as i got to click these lovely pics , that too with hands of my mom in it. :)
nice na, that it bring us back to those golden days .
thanks dear.
yupe, i know that in the region of south India, people used to dothe same with rice. nice to see you again here. thanks dear.

Suma Gandlur said...

You brought back memories. Though, we are from south and wheat is not our staple food, my mom buys wheat to this day, hand picks it and gets it powdered at near by flour mill. Good rotis are made that way. Don't you think so?

DEEPA said...

Very Informative and Very Thoughtful Idea

Pooja said...

you are correct dear. good roti can be made that way only. even i never liked it to get readymade atta - flour from stores , compared to this kind of hand picked and fresh grinded flour. but in this fast day to day life ,we are left with no options. and i think this is what the main drawback of this fast life. we are missing our traditions due to that.
we have a small flour mill at my mom's place here. mom used to get fresh flour every week using that . its such a nice tradition. :)
thanks for dropping by here. stay tuned


Those days are almost gone. Summer time was the time to prepare yearly stock of Pickles and Papads, dry mirchi bhendi etc

Sreelu said...

Hey Pooja,

first time on your blog, I too come from a joint family with grand parents and great grand parents.though I never paid attention growing up now thinking back good food and vegatbles and regular exercise were a strict regim hence their good health.

blogs like this reminds me of the same process however it was for rice that wheat

check my blog when you get a chance,just started writing since about 2 months

Anonymous said...

great write up ben...really enjoyed reading your post...great to see such people an idea as to what traditional practices we all have...thanks for sharing

Sia's Corner said...

lovely post pooja. we were so ignorant while growing up and never appreciated things like this. but now looking back we do realise how we could have missed so many things:) but now we do know its value and appreciate things. i am glad to see such a loving note in ur blog and it took me down the memory lane where my mom n grand ma used to store rice, wheat and make yummy papadams etc during summer.

Sharmi said...

yes Pooja, lost and found memories. pics remind me of my mom.

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Hi Pooja,
Nice to read your write up.Nice to see the pics and the write was really nice.

Pooja said...

you are correct. the other day i was talking to hubby the same. the next generation now, will nto have any idea even that we used to make pickles and papads like things at home and that too in bulk ...
the busy life is slowly vanishing traditional things from out life. that why i always love this cooking things to make our traditions alive here.
thanks for dropping by here. was bit busy lately ,will visit your blog soon. Welcome to mu blog world :D.
your are right dear, even i never realised the value of this tradition as a child. after i started buying readymade flour after marriage , i realised the greatness of our mom's and grandmom's in taking pain to do all this things just for the health and hygine of us. :) .

kya khovai gaya hata? great to seeyou here. i also thougth the same and thats why i post such write up here. thanks for appreciating. have been not regular on blog lately, whats the latest news with FAHC ? plz do let me know that. thanks :)
needless to say, you just put my word here :) , we r the same with this too ! :D . hows new sr. s/w engg. doing ? keep in touc hand do take care dear. :)
oh dear, it always happen for all married girls... , when not with mom i always miss here like anything ... nice to see you here, stay tuned.
thanks for appreciating it. its great boost to real your encouraging comments here:D

Irresistible Desires.. said...

nice pics ya..

Paavan said...


As our today's lifestyle change,most of housewives forget this procedures to store wheat for whole year.

But thanks to remind all visitors.

-- Kesar Keri | Somnath | Gir National Park | Girnar

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