Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Vegetable of the Week -Bottle Gourd Round Up

Bottle gourd round up.
55+ delicious dishes…
12 such dishes which you might have never heard of it .
Above all do u know that bottle gourd can make a wonderful one dish dinners too?
We have 8 to cherish :) .
Good chance to start eating this humble veggie and for its lovers nice recipe to enjoy your love for bottle gourd :D .

Dear friends Pratibha and Jigyasa reminded me of how much Ramdevbaba emphasis on eating bottle gourd in all possible way. Check out what I recently came through, this article, it says bottle gourd's price has shot up from Rs 4 to Rs 15 a kg.

I couldn’t control my laugh after reading it . Before its prices start rising here too get some now, keep some stored and enjoy your favorite dishes from below…. And when you are done checking round up don’t forget to vote for you favorite entries in all 3 categories.

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Bottle gourd as Soup & Starter

Bottle gourd Bajji by Rekha

Lauki bites by Madhavi

Bottle gourd Rajgara paratha Canape by Pooja( It's me :$ )
Bottle gourd as Side dish / accompaniments

Dudhichi Kosimbir By Sheetal

Bottle gourd Raita by Trupti

bottle gourd chutney by Divya

Lauki Raita By bhawana

Sorakaya Pachadi / Bottle Gourd Chutney by Usha

Sora appalu by Vijaya
Bottle gourd as Main Course

Sorakaya Pulusu Kura / Sweet and Sour Bottle Gourd In Spicy Tamarind Sauce By Kalva

Sorakaya Masala by Rekha

Dhapalam by Asha

Sorakkai Spicy curry by Radhika

Lauki Kofta by Sheetal

Yerinja Kootu By Priya

Bharwan Lauki By Sia

Bottle Gourd Koottu by Shriya

Aal kai Gatte- Bottle Gourd Dumplings by Manisha soni

Potatoes in bottle gourd gravy by Madhavi

Sorrakai curry by Srilekha

Bottle gourd kootu bu Kamalika

Jeera kaddoo by Medhaa

Bharwa lauki by Medhaa

Dudhi masala subji(Maharashtrian style) by Trupti

Dudhi muth nu shaak by Meera

Bottle gourd Bajji by Rekha

Rassedaar Lauki by Nidhi

Bottle gourd Porucha kozhambu by Srimathi

Calabash (Sorakkai) curry by Vani

Bottle Gourd Kurma (Chettinad Style) by Srivalli

Daal Lauki By Priti

Lauki ki Sabzi by Priya

Thoom tamate mein kadhoo(bottlegourd in garlic tomato gravy) by Alka

Sorakaya kootu by Rekha

Arachuvitta Surakkai Kulambu(Bottle gourd in Rich Coconut Sauce) by Ramya

Sorekayi hesaru bele sihi kootu by Mythreyee

Bottle-Gourd Curry with Peanut-Sesame Powder by Sailaja

Kadhoo jha kofta by Alka

Doodhi Mung by Jan

Bottle Gourd Stew/Sorakaya Pulusu by Pallavi

Bottle gourd with mix beans by Pooja( me again :D )

Bottle gourd as Sweet dish

Lauki kheer by Notyet100

Bottle gourd Payasam by Ramya

Dudhi Halwa By Meera

Sorakaya Payasam by Suma

Doodhi Halwa by Sheetal

Bottle Gourd Pudding by Pallavi

Lauki Kheer by Sowmya

Bottle gourd as One dish dinner

Lauki pancakes by Sheetal

Vegetable Khichadi by Kalva

Bottle gourd Wrap by Divya

Lauki in Pita pockets by Geeta

Lauki Roti by Shifa

Bottle Gourd Paratha by Sowmya

Bottle gourd Dosa(Sorrakaya Attu) by Sailaja

Haandvoh by Me

Hope you had fun checking the round up .
Send in your entries for tri colored theme soon. Just 8 days are left . For more details click on the logo in the left side bar or check it here.


Anonymous said...

wow... so many varieties... got to bookmark the page... :)

rekhas kitchen said...

thanks a lot pooja for giving my recipe (bottle gourd bajjilu) a special place thanks once again great round up

Priti said...

Very nice we have so many things to make from lauki..thts wonderful

notyet100 said...

awesome roundup pooja,..:-)

Alka said... many things to try out using bottlegourd!
Thanks for all the efforts put in for this splendid event
Tricolour theme based recipe is on EDITING TABLE...may reach u soon
Bye till then

Trupti said...

wow Pooja so many entries. Nice round up.

Sia said...

i cant thank u enough to come up with my fav veggie pooja:) i am addicted to bottle gourd and have been cooking it atleast once in a week:) so this round-up is gonna help me a lot. thanks sweetie:)
hw have u been?

Mythreyee said...

That is one superb array of recipes with bottle gourd. So many dishes. Thank you Pooja. Well presented.

notyet100 said...

thnks for hostin such anice event,,,waitin for independence day roundup:-)

Madhavi said...

Awesome round-up Pooja, so many mouthwatering dishes. Thank you so much for this lovely event and round-up :)))

Cham said...

So many entries :) Nice round up Pooja.
Unfortunately , u forgot my entry

Pooja said...

uvrao ,
Neki aur puchh puchh :D. hope this page will be helpful to imrpove lauki love :) .

your recipe is really deserving .
thanks for such a innovative use of BG.

thank you :) .

thanks buddy, i just loved all ur entries here.

waiting to see ur tri colred dish . send it soon :)

thank you :).

we got same choice with this veggies too !!! don't tell me :D. I loved this veggie always. I have your recipe in the list to try next, let me see when can I get such mood to spend lot of time in kitchen to make it :D.

Pooja said...

I am glad you liked it. Thank you for the appreciations.

you are welcome :).

Cham ,
I am sorry, i think I missed it earlier while organizing all entries. Just updated the post . check it out . thanks for reminded dear.

Sailaja Prakash said...

Hi Pooja,

Thanks for posting my dishes. I thought of sending still more dishes but I became busy in my personal life. So, was not able to send you.

I would like to give a try for some of the starters and other dishes.

Nice collection of Bottle-Gourd Dishes.

Sailaja Prakash said...

Hi Pooja,

Thanks for posting my dishes. I thought of sending still more dishes but I became busy in my personal life. So, was not able to send you.

I would like to give a try for some of the starters and other dishes.

Nice collection of Bottle-Gourd Dishes.

Vani said...

Wow, Poo! Such fab recipes in the round-up! Am saving this post for later use! Great job with the round-up. Love your next theme too though I doubt I'll be able to participate but I will try! :)

Daily Meals said...

Great round up Pooja!

Medhaa said...

Hi pooja,
Thank you so much for nominating me and inpiring me to send it. I am so excited and thrilled.

Lovely Round Up.


You are missing Pune in rains

MK said...

Hi Pooja
Stumbled upon ur blog as I just love experiminting with my cooking and rad up a lot. I love your blog and am an avid fan of urs now.

Degchi said...

WOW 55 entries...
nice round up...I am late to drop here and missed the poll.

Pallavi said...

Great Roundup Pooja.

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